Our Process Makes Every Project Run As Smoothly As Possible

Estimating, Site-Planning and GPS Precise Positioning


To assemble a full cost-analysis, JKC uses cutting-edge technology for estimating and scheduling, as well as job site visualization and GPS site-positioning.


JKC produces clear, comprehensive estimates that can be delivered to key personnel in the field, detailing specific locations, task-specific crews and productivities, total cost per unit, WBS/Job cost breakdowns, and much more. We can track, report, validate and control workflows, from receipt of initial designs through project completion.


For visualizing site-plans and projects, we also use the latest imaging software to manipulate and generate three-dimensional renderings of existing and proposed surfaces. The information generated in our estimating department aids project managers and superintendents in the field and also helps our clients to conceptualize their finished product. In many applications, this information is electronically transmitted to our field personnel for precise layout using GPS technology. These site-positioning systems give site foremen, supervisors, grade checkers and site engineers the tools needed to help run machines on site, reduce downtime, and resolve issues as they arise in the field.




Deep Safety is our number-one concern on every project… more than productivity, overall cost, or totals hours spent. Because there is no downtime, a safe project costs less and keeps running smoothly to completion. We have worked with a variety of facilities with strict safety guidelines and for clients with special, stringent and specific safety precautions, such as Argonne National Laboratory, Abbott Laboratory, the Metropolitan Rail Authority (METRA), the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the US Navy. We pride ourselves in having a low mod rate, which creates the opportunity and ability to pre-qualify for OCIP projects.


JKC employees attend an OSHA 10 hour General Construction Safety session and have extensive training in other aspects of the industry, including but not limited to the following: confined space, excavation competent; CPR / First Aid;  Hazard Communication “HAZCOM”; lockout/tagout procedures; traffic and pedestrian procedures, etc.


The details of our JKC General Safety Program are provided to every new hire prior to the commencement of work. We walk through our safety procedures and processes before every worker enters the work site. A site-specific safety program is written for every job, identifying potential safety issues and hazards for employees. Separate policies and procedures for confined space, excavation competency, and other safety concerns are followed to the letter by specifically trained personnel. Because of our commitment to safety, we have maintained an EMR well below 1 for 10 years.


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