For Over 70 Years We Have Changed The Skyline, The Roadscape And The Landscape.

We are a family-held business expanding into its third generation. The name “Keno” has had a presence in Chicagoland construction since the mid-1930s, and since then we have delivered much of the construction and excavation work for many of Chicago’s most iconic buildings. We have helped define the roadscapes and waterfront character of much of the North Shore and other Chicagoland suburbs. From excavation and land development through design-build and turn-key delivery of the finished product, we complete all work seamlessly. We ensure success because every aspect of our work is executed collaboratively, with the goal of delivering cost-effective and comprehensive solutions, as well as the assurance that everyone goes home safely.


8623 West Bryn Mawr Avenue  •  Suite 501  •  Chicago, Illinois 60631

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